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19/09/2018 - B&M Takes Delivery of a 4th Mazak Integrex i100s

We have just taking delivery of a 4th Mazak Integrex i100s for our machine shop. The INTEGREX i-100S offers versatility, high precision and throughput for smaller complex parts, which will lead to reductions in lead-time and improves part accuracy through the elimination of multiple setups.

01/03/2018 - Coming Soon - 2 x Mazak Integrex

We are expanding our machine shop holdings in the New Year to include two new Mazak Integrex's, taking our total to three machines.

11/12/2017 - Robbi Omicron CNC 3210 Universal Cylindrical Grinder Installation

We will be taking delivery of a Robbi Omicron CNC 3210 Universal Cylindrical Grinder

10/10/2017 - Jainnher JHC12S Centreless Grinding Machine Installed

As part of our continuing investment programme we had added a Jainnher JHC12S Centreless Grinding Machine.

07/08/2017 - ISO 13485 Medical Standard Accreditation Recertification

The directors, management and staff of Bushell and Meadows are delighted to announce that we have recently achieved ISO 13485 recertification. This reaffirms our total commitment to our customers’ needs through our QMS processes and procedures to ensure that our staff manufacture components and sub-assemblies of the highest quality.
In order to achieve this ISO standard we consistently refined our procedures and control methods to ensure we satisfy all regulatory requirements, procedures for inspection and traceability of all products and materials. Our intranet based Quality system aids the verification of the effectiveness of our corrective and preventative actions.

19/06/2017 - Third Rollomatic Installed

We have purchased our second Rollomatic Grindsmart 628 XS, to operate alongside our existing Rollomatic Shape Smart NP5.

06/07/2016 - Third Agie Charmilles Wire Eroder Installed

As part of the Company's investment in new machinery we have added a third wire eroder; our second Cut 200 SP to add to our FI 240.

10/11/2015 - Mazak Integrex i100S installed

As part of our continuing investment programme we had added a Mazak Integrex i100S to the Machine shop.

28/09/2015 - Kerry Passivation Unit Installed

As part of our drive to reduce Customer lead times we have installed a Passivation machine on site.

16/10/2014 - Third Matsuura H-Plus 300 Installed

Due to increasing demand on the Milling section the company has invested in its third machine, this machine has a 5 pallet system installed to maximise lights out running.

20/06/2014 - Company Expansion Plans going ahead

Following outline planning approval we are proceeding with an extension to our existing Facilities to allow for future expansion and new products.
It is envisaged that the project will be completed by May 2015.

06/06/2013 - Additional Optical Comparitor purchased

To aid efficient inspection we have added a Mitutoyo model 302-703D Optical Comparitor

03/06/2013 - New Mitutoyo CMM Machine Installed

To meet the challenges of ever more complicated machined parts we have invested in a Crysta Apex S776 with a PH10MQ probing system

14/04/2012 - Third SV32 Sliding head machine added

As part of our continuing investment programme we had added another SV32 STAR to the Machine shop.

28/09/2011 - Second SR20 Sliding head machine purchased

As part of our continuing investment programme we had added another SR20 STAR to the Machine shop.

19/05/2011 - Second Matsuura H-Plus 300 Installed

Just 18 months after the introduction of our first Matsuura H-Plus 300 horizontal machining centre, we are delighted to announce the installation and commissioning of our second machine. This machine will strengthen our ability to run true lights out machining and further proves our focus on continual process improvement.

15/01/2011 - New Laser Marker and Laser Welder Installed

To increase our capabilities in the medical market we have added to our existing laser marker and sheet metal cutting machines with the introduction of a new Trumpf 3+1-axis CNC laser welder and 3+1-axis laser marker. This will increase our ability to offer a complete manufacturing solution and further expands our technical expertise in this area.
The machines were chosen due to their high performance in marking/ welding materials such as titanium, stainless steel and aluminium alloys. Both machines are intended to be used on small sized components, where quality and performance is of paramount importance.

23/11/2010 - ISO 13485 Medical Standard Accreditation Achieved

The directors, management and staff of Bushell and Meadows are delighted to announce that we have recently achieved ISO 13485 recertification. This confirms our total commitment to our customers’ needs and ensures our attention to quality is of the upmost importance during the manufacture of components and sub-assemblies.
In order to achieve this gold standard we have refined our procedures and control methods to ensure we satisfy all regulatory requirements. In particular we have focused on risk management activities, implemented specific procedures for inspection and traceability of product. We have also updated and installed a new intranet based quality system which puts the emphasis on verifying the effectiveness of corrective and preventative actions.

28/04/2010 - New Small Diameter Sliding Head Machine Installed

As part of our continued investment programme in the very latest high performance machinery, we have recently taken delivery of a new Star SR-20R III sliding headstock lathe.
The new machine is aimed at producing small diameter multi-faceted components of less than 20mm diameter in materials such as stainless steel and titanium. This machine will compliment are other existing Star SV-32 machines and will be particularly useful for complex medium batch run parts which need to be manufactured to the highest tolerances and finish.
For further information on this machine and all of Stars product range their web site can be found at

28/04/2010 - New Wire Erode Machine Installed

We have recently purchased a new Agie Charmilles FI 240 wire eroding machine. This will further increase the flexibility and type of work we can do and also enable us to produce very small and tightly toleranced parts in an accurate and controlled way.

08/10/2009 - New Horizontal Milling machine

We are pleased to announce the recent investment in a new Matsuura H-Plus 300 horizontal milling machine. The machine is equipped with a twin pallet changer, which will enable the machine to run un-manned for significantly longer. The machine is also fitted with a 240 tool magazine, which combined with the high speed machining capability will give significant improvements in part set up and run times.
In order to maximise the full capability of the new machine, we have also invested in the latest 3D CAM software from Edgecam. This will enable us to adopt the latest machining strategies and allow us to program straight from solid models, this will in turn reduce the time to machine and ensure 100% part quality.

13/10/2008 - New Scheeberger Machine Commissioned

The Company have invested in a second Schneeberger Norma 75 Grinder with auto dress and Fanuc Control.

11/07/2008 - New Assembly Section Added

The company has added a modern assembly facility for the manufacture and maintenance of medical instruments and other high specification products and assemblies. The company will now be able to offer a complete solution to our customers from initial parts manufacturing, through to assembly, test and validation.

09/01/2008 - Sage 200 MRP Software for Manufacturing Installed

Due to the increasing needs of the company to efficiently manage and control the production process and customer orders we have decided to update our internal software system with the latest SAGE 200 Manufacturing. This complete business solution will streamline our internal processes and enable us to have greater visibility and control over all aspects of our business.

02/07/2007 - New intake of Apprentices

We have taken on two more apprentices who will start their advanced apprenticeships at Gloscat College this September.
Bushell and Meadows sees the training and development of its staff as key to its success in continuing to utilise new technologies effectively.

04/06/2007 - Second Sliding Head Machine installed

Due to the success of our first Star SV-32 we have taken delivery of an identical second machine to increase our capacity in medium sized batch production of complex turned parts.
The machine was installed and commissioned in two days and is now fully integrated into the machine shop.

29/09/2006 - New Star Sliding head machine installed.

We have recently taken delivery of our first sliding-headstock lathe. We chose the Star SV-32 due to its ability to produce repeatable, complex, high quality parts in an extremely productive and efficient manner.
After a very short installation and commissioning phase the machine is already up and running and we are confident that the new machine will continue to offer our customers the very best in terms of quality and capability.
For further information on this machine and all of Stars product range their web site can be found at

24/03/2006 - New Apprenticeship Scheme

This summer our first apprentice will be starting under the Advanced Apprenticeship Training Scheme in conjunction with Gloscat College.
We firmly believe apprenticeships are the way forward for the future of the company and are hoping to roll out this scheme over the next couple of years

04/08/2005 - New HAAS VM-3 Vertical Machining Centre installed

The VM-3 is a high-performance machine featuring a generous 40" x 26" x 25" work cube, a 54" x 25" table, a 12,000-rpm spindle powered by a 30-hp vector dual drive system, and a high-speed control with full look-ahead. The 40-taper spindle uses a unique inline, direct-drive system that couples the motor directly to the spindle rather than using belts (which are a major source of heat). The result is less vibration, less heat and less noise – which means excellent surface finishes, extreme thermal stability and quiet operation. The VM-3’s 54"x25" cast-iron table features standard T-slots (13 in the Y direction and 6 in the X) as well as an array of drilled and tapped holes. It has a maximum weight capacity of 4000 lb. The VM-3 comes standard with a 24+1 side-mount tool changer that swaps tools in 2.8 seconds. Also standard are an automatic chip auger system, programmable coolant nozzle, remote jog handle, automatic air gun, high-speed machining software with look-ahead, hard drive with Ethernet interface, floppy drive, Visual Quick Code programming, user-definable macros, coordinate rotation & scaling, spindle orientation and power failure detection module. A full 4th-axis rotary table was also supplied to provide simultaneous 4-axis motion.

04/04/2005 - We have moved

We have moved into our brand new 20,000 sq ft factory. The main challenge has been the logistics of moving machine tools and equipment with the minimum amount of disruption to production.
After a lot of careful planning and hard work by everyone involved we are now fully up and running and we are pleased to report ready for business as usual.
The web site has been amended with our new address and contact details.
We look forward to this exciting new era for Bushell & Meadows

24/01/2005 - New Factory keys handed over

We have taken possession of our new custom designed factory. Over the next couple of months the fit out will continue with a planned move date in April.

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