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We have a wide range of CNC Milling capability, which include MATSUURA, HAAS and FADAL machines; we have recently added a 2 new MATSUURA H-PLUS 300 Horizontal Machining Centres with pallet loading to our available resource. See our plant list for more information.

We pride ourselves in working to extremely precise tolerances utilising our multi axis machining capability and have a substantial capacity for producing complex components in a wide range of materials including Titanium, aluminum, stainless steel and other special alloys.

Our Precision machining capability is supported by Renishaw probing and CMM inspection Facilities taking full advantage of our integrated Quality system. This also reduces down time for manual set up, fixtures and work pieces and provides the benefit of accurate inspection of first off components.

We have a highly skilled team of setter operators including 3D modelling programmers to provide the total package of high precision machined product at competitive prices.


Precision turning to tight tolerances is our specialty utilising our wide range of STAR SV32 and SR20 SLIDING HEAD Machines and Hardinge and Akebono CNC lathes. See our plant list for further details.

The SV-32 series provides high-speed machining with a gang tool post and great versatility with a turret type tool post.

The SV 32 is specifically designed for producing precise and complex parts from bar material up 32mm (SV-32) and provides a fast machining cycle time through simultaneous turning, drilling and milling utilizing both the gang tool post and turret and overlapping machining by independent control and also front and back simultaneous machining with various kinds of counter facing units.

Turning tools and power driven tools can be mounted on the gang tool post and multiple tools can be mounted on each face of the station turret.

Powerful AC spindle motors are incorporated and heavy cutting can be performed with main/sub-spindle synchronous rotation / phase control and Z1-Z2 synchronous control functions. We can accommodate small, medium and large batch sizes of high precision machined components supported by our CNC inspection team.

The SR-20R III sliding headstock lathe has the capability to enhance production and accuracy for medium complex components. With the latest Fanuc 300is control coupled with 'Star's Motion Control' software it makes this machine extremely productive.

The SR-20R III has a vast array of tooling options available including angular drilling, gear hobbing, deep hole drilling and thread whirling.

This together with the ease of programming and setting make this machine the leader in its class.

To Compliment the STAR machines we also have a excellent range of conventional CNC Lathes

Our team of highly skilled setter operators ensure we produce product in the most cost effective manner to the highest quality.

Wireless DNC System CIMCO DNC-Max 6

DNC-Max 6 is the latest version of the most trusted CNC communication software on the market, providing end-to-end functionality designed to make every aspect of CNC communications more reliable and efficient.

DNC-Max works with off-the-shelf, industry standard RS-232 serial communications hardware, including Ethernet and Wireless serial device servers, traditional card based hardware, and existing legacy hardware.

3D Programming
Production and Prototype Milling

Edgecam provides the production machine shop with a wide range of flexible milling cycles. Machining efficiency is maximized on simple and complex parts as well as those incorporating sculptured surface geometry. With Edgecam you get prismatic machining combined with powerful 3D solid and surface machining strategies, all in one complete solution.

Using Edgecam enables us to reduced cycle time by machining complex components using a single setup.

In addition to time savings improved accuracy can also be achieved as the potential for positioning errors between setups is eliminated.

Improved surface finish and extended tool life by tilting the tool to maintain the optimum tool to part contact point at all times.

Improved access to undercuts and deep pockets through tilting the tool or component allows shorter series tooling to be employed, further improving the surface finish and eliminating the need for secondary setups.

The ability to machine complex parts from solid that would previously have to be cast. This approach is highly beneficial for prototypes and small volume runs and is particular applicable with the latest Mill/Turn machines.

Production and Prototype CNC turning

For all our Sliding Head and CNC lathe programming we use the Market leading software PartMaker-SwissCAM

PartMaker-SwissCAM programs multi axis, multi spindle machines that could only be programmed by hand until its introduction. The strategy that allows this simplified programming is the breaking down of a complex part into a number of single axis operations. Each machine surface is programmed in a separate window as a much simpler operation. The patented 'Divide & Conquer' programming strategy is highly intuitive and graphical, resulting in fewer errors being made.

As each operation is programmed, it is verified to ascertain that the result will be as desired. The operations can be simulated in solid format showing a cross section through the guide bushing. It is animated as moving stock sliding in and out of the guide bushing with the tools developing the shape of the part.

Knowledge Based Machining is employed in PartMaker-SwissCAM and the machinist's skills are saved within the system so that they can be used over and over again. Standardization and Repeatability are achieved in this way, further reducing programming times.

Grinding Section

Our CNC and conventional Grinding section offers a wide range of CNC and conventional grinding capability. As with all other areas of the company We pride ourselves in working to extremely precise tolerances utilising our modern machining capability for cylindrical, surface and centre less grinding including the Jones and Shipman Promat 10-700 surface grinder. See our plant list for more detail.

Blades and Fabrications Section

Within the Blade section we have the capability to precision laser cut components e.g. Stainless steel surgical Blades, we also produce various other sheet metal brackets and fabrications which require accurate laser profile cutting and finishing.

To compliment the Trumatic L 2503E Laser Cutter we have a Amada Promecam press for precision press work e.g. blade tooth offsets and a Schneeberger Norma 75 Grinder which enables straight and prismatic cut tooth profiles and other precision grinding requirements. We also have abrasive tumbling and laser etching.

Quality Control

The Directors, Management and staff of Bushell and Meadows Limited are totally committed to the continued improvement of our quality by target setting and customer satisfaction under the guidance and approval of SGS UK Ltd we now have EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485 Quality management Accreditation.

Each Job that leaves our company has been through numerous quality control checks e.g. Material batch traceability (if required) and inter-operation first offs etc, these checks are performed by qualified personnel using the latest CMM inspection techniques.

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